This is a mobile application where you take on the role of a black cat that enters a hangar where a party is taking place. It’s a multiplayer and interactive game designed to provide information about alternative culture collective. We The goal here is to make the discovery of a part of our underground scene engaging through an arcade game and a virtual gallery that showcases the collective’s artists.

The Chanoirs metaverse stands out from other developing metaverses due to its cultural approach. Recognizing the variety of ideas that will emerge in the years to come, our collective aims to build connections between the virtual and the real. We are committed to contribute to help different initiative to inter-connect together and emphasizing the concepts of support and mutual assistance in the scene. With the power of digitization, making the the boundaries between international alternative scenes more permeable through culture and celebration.

The application is designed in a modular way to allow for its evolution and adaptation over various versions by adding new features, thus ensuring its sustainability. The goal is to build more and more space and play to discover artistic content.