Who are we?

Chanoirs is a constellation of artists aiming to foster unique and genuine connections. Our identity is rooted in our differences, in the elusive nature of our existence on the periphery. We engage in a constant exploration of our own vitality. Our game is a vibrant arcade of life. We aim to distinguish ourselves from an excessively rational system obsessed with relentless performance, devoid of any collaborative and artistic substance.

The collective comprises young creative minds, united around a shared artistic vision and energy. For over half a decade, Chanoirs has held a significant presence in the alternative community of Brussels, masterminding events to nurture connections and to disseminate their eclectic music within the vibrant nexus of Brussels’ underground culture. We value the freedom to act and to create. We operate as a machine, where the distinctiveness of each individual fuels its momentum. We strive to maintain an impassioned marginality, a gathering of fragmented bricks bound together by quick-setting, granular cement.