Chanoirs is a constellation of artists working to bring ways to truely connect alternative culture in the underground world.
Our identity lies in the difference. The impalpable nature of our way of living on the margins. Our interactions lead to a questioning of the value of our vitality.  This is the game, the arcade of our lives. To distinguish ourselves from an overly rational system focused on exhausting performance, devoid of any collaborative and artistic meaning.
Chanoirs is a network that functions like a constellation of young creative people united around an artistic vision, a common energy. They put forward the freedom to do, the freedom of action. It is a machine whose cogs are the singularity of each entity set in motion. It is the maintenance of a passionate marginality. A collection of broken bricks united by a fast-setting granular cement.
The intention of the art, mainly, is to blur the boundaries between physical and virtual by transposing objects from one realm to an other. We aim to promote our metaverse for the art and nightlife. We take possession of the space to create a receptacle for dreams; dropping all together the veil of illusions, to realize who we are. In this time, we live to make invisible connections tangible, weaving links, uniting forces to define reality of our desires. Personal mutations, collective evolution against the obsolete establishment. The point of collaboration between boiling energies, writing their myths and their adventures.
The exhibition will have different layers of reading, different approach that gonna connect together through the eyes of the spectator. Painting, photography, sculpture, performance, augmented reality, unique hand made clothing, every technique put in motion together in a 5 days experience, made to connect creative together.
Supported by local talents, we co-curate two club night :
  • Thursday 1st December : Performance night + Otto von Schirach show and Chanoirs club night W/ Magique Système, Lux18 and AJ Mez.
  • Saturday 3rd December : Belgium night, A call for Belgian artist and gallery to bring their best smile for the end of Art Basel. Line up : Great Garbo, Georgia Mafia, Magique Système and Lux18.
For the artist in the exhibition : Aaron Fowler (USA), Mia WVD (FR) , Antoine Grenez (BE) , Yanis Sabir (FR),