Immortal Nightmare 3 is a design installation by Chanoirs crafted for the indulgence of the eyes and the flesh. It consists of a bed made from repurposed plastic, consumed by the fires of the apocalypse. Heaven of voyeurism,

Technical : Burnt plastic structure of 180x240cm squared by 4 webcams linked to a screen

This intimate space is dedicated to non-exclusive connections, facilitating the creation of exclusive content. No blind spots exist for the production of your personal tape. The 4 webcams are link to a unique screen taking place above the bed.

 » I enjoy observing you as you observe yourself « 

Will you be able to reduce this bed to ashes together, aiming for the explosion of heat that originally created it ?

Artist involved (design) : MIA W.V.D – MALIKA ROTSCHILD – ANTOINE GRENEZ

Artist involved (video) : ANTOINE GRENEZ (direction) – NAYNAY DLUX (montage) – MARIA (performance) – DEBORAH (performance)